How Healthcare Recruiters Work

According to the Association of Medical Colleges, the demand for physicians in the US is outpacing supply. And this doesn’t end with physicians, as there have been reports of nursing shortages as well. With a high demand for healthcare practitioners, comes with it the urgent need for healthcare recruiters that can find, select, and fill vacant positions highly needed by the healthcare industry.

But what do healthcare recruiters do? And why should hospitals, healthcare facilities, rehabilitation centers, and other medical facilities work with one? In this guide, we’ll talk about what healthcare recruiters do to find the best candidates for healthcare practitioner vacant positions.

What is a Healthcare Recruiter?

A healthcare recruiter’s job is similar to any other recruiter’s job in other industries, and that’s to find suitable candidates for a vacant position and fill it with the best applicant that matches the required qualifications. A healthcare recruiter specializes in looking for professionals in the healthcare industry. These professionals can include nurses, doctors, nurse aids, medical technologists, and more.

These recruiters have the expertise to determine the requirements needed by the specific open positions. If a hospital is looking for a pediatrician who specializes in Pulmonary care, the healthcare recruiter must be knowledgeable about what the position would require. It takes a considerable amount of knowledge ad expertise in the healthcare industry for a healthcare recruiter to be eligible for the job of finding and hiring the right candidate for the position.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Healthcare Recruiter

1. Determine Requirements and Qualifications

A healthcare recruiter must be able to understand and know what the hospital or clinic is looking for. They must ask for a list of requirements and qualifications, as well as the values and vision of the company so he or she knows what kind of candidates they should be looking for. The recruiter must also understand the values and culture of the company to be able to find the perfect match, not just for credentials but the overall character of the best candidate for the job.

2. Create a Job Posting

A recruiter will craft a job posting that provides all the details of the requirements and qualifications needed for the job. This can include educational attainment, job experience, as well other details of the job, such as salary and benefits.

3. Post the Job Listing

The recruiter will post on job sites, healthcare groups, universities, online healthcare groups, and other platforms where he or she can find potential candidates for the open position.

4. Review Job Applicants

Once applications are received, the recruiter will review the candidates’ requirements and qualifications to see which applicants might be the best fit for the job and company. The recruiter will also be doing background checks and verifying the credentials of the qualified applicants.

5. Interviews

The recruiter will book the applicants’ for interviews, starting with initial interviews and ending with the final interviews, wherein he or she will provide the company with the top candidates for the job. Once the recruiter and the company have chosen the best candidate, the former will contact the applicant to inform him/her that she got the position.

6. Endorsement of Candidate

The final stage of the recruiter’s job is to endorse the chosen candidate for the open position.

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